HOBBIES: Music, concerts, comedy of all sorts, sports, and radio I consider a hobby, actually since it’s so much fun!

Tripper is from the small town of Clifton Forge, VA and has done radio in Roanoke, Chattanooga, Nashville and places that aren’t even in Google maps.

I have been host of 1075 KZL’s live night show, weeknights 7P-midnight, which is fun, very interactive and topical and even irreverent at times. I am also the Imaging Director for 1075 KZL as well as our sister station, Rock 92, which gives me a lot of range to be creative. Imaging is what makes the stations sound the way they do. It’s the sort of behind the scenes, writing, editing and producing of audio, that no one really ever thinks about when they listen. It’s what the voiceover people say in between songs and station promos etc. Don’t worry, I don’t know what this stuff means either. I have wanted to work in broadcasting ever since I won the show in a local raffle. Weekends I can be found hiding in the basement, until I pop up Saturday night to host Club 107. I enjoy all kinds of social media. Also watching documentaries about music or science,astronomy or anything really. I like spending time with family and friends. *Please keep in mind, none of this will ever hold up in court!”