Jason Goodman proudly has a “limited filter” so you are never left wondering what he is thinking! He has several odd theories that he claims comes from the “Goodman Institute” and talks about the “popsicle theory” and the “oven theory” that confuses people, even himself most of the time. Jason has a wife, Carol, 3 kids, Ruthie, Landon and Everly, and a VERY well trained Bulldog named Brady, all living in Kernersville, NC. Growing up in Rhode Island, naturally Jason is RUDE!!! Just kidding, we mean a huge New England Patriots fan. Due to his short stature and being a Patriots fan, he is also lovingly referred to as “The Littlest Patriot”. He attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk VA (his accent makes him say that weird) before eventually moving to the Piedmont Triad. Jason has an odd talent of being able to recognize and identify songs in record time from all years of music…seriously, even as old as Frankie Vallie! He has a passion for disport, grilling, cornehole, warm weather, cornhole, outdoor cookouts, casinos, traveling out of the country, cornhole, food from all cultures, and doing projects at and around his home. Oh, and did we mention he likes cornhole? Jason is as competitive as they come and will fight tooth and nail for what and who he loves and is passionate about.