Joining the show in 2019, Intern Squidward is the newest member of Jared and Katie in the Morning. Although he’s no longer an intern, it will forever be his name! He was given the name “Squidward” because of his big nose, and long lanky arms and legs. His laugh is eerily similar to Squidward’s as well. He graduated from Appalachian State University in the High Country in 2018, and still may be high as we speak. Every Friday Squidward spits a “Weekly Rap Recap” recapping the week in the world, along with various stories about the personal lives of the members on the show, in one freestyle rap. After being named Squidward, he released a song called “Ballin’ Like Squidward”, and after dating a woman in her 50’s he released a song called “Sugar Momma Rolley” (No, we’re still not sure if he got the Rolex or not). Both songs and videos can be found on Jared and Katie in the Morning’s Youtube page. In other words, Intern Squidward is trying to become a rapper…we’ll see how that goes.