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Jared & Katie's Fresh Audio

War of the Roses: Why won't my husband touch me!?!

Mail from Jail: Happy Birthday to Ms. G

Wedding Traditions and where they came from

Laurie Watson sex therapist part 1

Laurie Watson sex therapist part 2

Laurie Watson sex therapist part 3

Love, Lost, and Found: Is high school ex still interested?

Terrible social media song!

Babies say bad words

Kanye's love for Kim K's bOOty!

Certified Sex Therapist Laune Watson - Part 1

Certified Sex Therapist Laune Watson - Part 2

Certified Sex Therapist Laune Watson - Part 3

Pharrell's "Happy" parody song

Feng Shui for your bedroom

Saying I love you

War Call: Find out who is in Nikki's hotel room

Producer Whitney on the TV show Inside Edition

"Bad Boy" Bieber At It Again!

A Family Trapped By Killer Cat!

Funny Feelings After Steak Dinner!

Allison Has Moved On...Nick Is Sad

Is what this school did for Black History Month racist?

Listeners share horrific EX stories

Ladies...for V Day - Gift or Sex?

New Intern Rap Battle!

Love Lost & Found: 2

Katie & Fiancé Ben talk about the proposal!

Love Lost & Found: Can First Date Bad Breath Be Overlooked?

The WORST jobs we've ever had

Producer Whitney Says She Doesn't Want a Supermodel's Body! Is she lying?


Should You Tell Your Partner Your "Number"?

The BEST Work-out songs!

Woman Sells Pregnancy Tests to Make a Buck!

How to Respond to Your Boss's SEXTS

Producer Whitney's Most Embarrassing Moment

Katie & Fiancé Ben Talk Religion

Jared and Katie's Breaking and Entering Christmas Nomination Letter

Topless Lady in Kohls

Sounds That Can Get You High?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Out of Control

Interview with Teen Mom Farrah Abraham

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