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Jared & Katie's Fresh Audio

Local Talent Tuesday: Nick Branscome

TORTURE TUESDAY: Hunger Games Challenge

Jason's "ball" parody song

What southern people call Thanksgiving food

Best gift cards to give during the holidays

Are you hosting Thanksgiving? We have how much it's going to cost

We need someone to come in studio and kiss Hugs live on-air

Jason Goodman misses Frankie Valli photo op

New facebook feature helps you block your ex

Nerds fight with a sword from Star Trek

New study reveals that its bad to hold in your poop...go figure!

Man Kisser Matt and his mom share their experience with the AIDS virus

Man flirts with women...with a pillow?

PHONE TAP: Robbie Jr. calls the Butterball turkey company

Hugs goes skydiving

New study says you can tell if a guy likes you by how much he eats

Official Attorney Lisa Lanier joins us and sheds some light on Charlie Sheen HIV

Monique gives a "hall pass" to her husband allowing him to see other women

AML says wife is distant and cold. No worries, we'll get to the bottom of it

Here's a list of all the smart states...and all the dumb ones

Who is the one person you regret having sex with? Part 1

Who is the one person you regret having sex with? Part 2

Food that is marked up the most

Actor Charlie Sheen reveals he is HIV positive

Torture Tuesday: Hugs uses Katie's breast pump on himself

Local Talent Tuesday: Landon Wall

Hugs goes to the Dead and Company concert at the Greensboro Coliseum

Social Media could lead to bad relationships: Part 1

Social Media could lead to bad relationships: Part 2

Paris Terrorist, homeland security: Part 1

Paris Terrorist, homeland security: Part 2

9 year old charged with sexual harassment

PHONE TAP: Hugs pranks a lingerie store and tells employee to send pictures

Tinder date gives up kidney, Hugs on Tinder

There is a movement to end tipping

Boyfriend leaves girlfriend while shes giving birth. Worst boyfriend EVER!

WAR CALL: Is AML's boyfriend cheating on him at the Q Club?

AML says she looks too good: Part 1

AML says she looks too good: Part 2

Starbuck's Christmas cup drama

Target jacks their prices in certain stores

Snoop Dogg has his own weed brand

Hugs drinks Katie's breast milk

Top things that will hurt you in your home while your drunk

Intern Hannah gets naked in the hot tub with her girlfriends

Local Talent Tuesday: Olivia Lusk

Jason and Hugs went to Jared's church! Are they going Mormon?

What will Christmas cost this year?

Want to have more sex? We have some ideas to make that happen

WHO'S YOUR FATHER: Results are in! Find out if Javier is the father

WHO'S YOUR FATHER: Javier claims he used protection and says the baby isn't his

Jared's daughter Ava started playing basketball

Man Kisser Matt's fiancee Hannah did the most bizarre thing while sleep walking

PHONE TAP: AML wanted to prank his friend and tell him he failed a drug test

What are your dating deal breakers?

No charges will be filed against the Guilford County Animal Shelter

McDonald's worker punches customer in the drive thru

Here are all the benefits to your man having a beard

WAR CALL: AML thinks his wife is hooking up with her friend

Jason sees Dr. Wang for his "ball" problem

Uber driver gets into fight, breaks out the pepper spray

Jobs that are the most healthy

New study says men love women with brains

Justin Bieber says album is about Selena Gomez, Jealous ex's

Hugs and Hannah play the Chille Willie game

Group dance can heal you

Nagging is good for women

Local Talent Tuesday: Khiana Meyer

New study says 2/3 of the world has Herpes

AML sends us a letter and says his girlfriend dresses like a skank

Man Kisser Matt passes out at his own Halloween party, Hugs shows up

Sex Thearpist Lori Watson explains what happens to sexy time after baby

Sex Thearpist Lori Watson joins us in studio, Katie misses Nora

Audio of Jared Fogle admitting to children indecencies

Jason has a "roaming" ball

PARODY: Herpes

PARODY: Weed Smoker (Tune of Cheerleader)

PARODY: Bacon (Tune of Sugar)

PARODY: Star Wars is coming soon

PHONE TAP: Jared phone taps an insurance company needing fire insurance...NOW!

Signs that workers are giving a fake excuse when calling in sick to work

WAR CALL: Becky's husband has erratic work hours, find out if he's cheating

Would you kill baby Hitler if you knew the outcome would be the same?

Where do you like to be touched?

Jared's ex wife Heather and new girlfriend Kelli have an awkward exchange

New study finds that bacon causes cancer

Local Talent Tuesday: Living 180 band

Who's your Father Friday: Results are in for George and the stripper

Jared comes clean about how long he's REALLY been dating Kelli

Man Panel: Why does my man spend a lot of money on Fantasy Football?

Reasons science says having more sexy time is healthier

Who's your Father Friday: George had sex with a stripper, is he the father?

PHONE TAP: Hugs pranks general manager Dick Harlow! Listen to Hug's demands

Rap battle championship: Man Kisser Matt vs. Intern Hannah

Intern Rap Battle: Hannah vs. Hugs

Why are you in court: Stokes County

Check out this interview with Andy Grammer

PARODY: Breakfast all Day (Tune of Ex's and Oh's)

PARODY: Democratic Debate (Tune of Downtown)

PARODY: Beer Merger (Tune of Cheerleader)

Local Talent Tuesday: Carson Mac

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