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Jared & Katie's Fresh Audio

Local Talent: Hannah Adams covers "Send Your Love" by Adele

Hugs might have rabies...he discovered a live bat in his house

Jared drove all the way to the station with his jumper cables still attached

Here is a list of Forbes richest celebrities of 2016

Here is a recap of night 1 at the Republican National Convention

A guy who is a swinger was recently outed as being ugly

AML writes in and says that her man was "butt gazing" on their date!

Hugs played "the dating game", here is a recap of how the date went

Everybody had shame at Jason's baby shower

Another tragedy...guy drives truck through hundreds of people in Nice, France

Hugs plays "the dating game" with three lucky contestants, part 1

Hugs plays "the dating game" with three lucky contestants, part 2

Katie's doctor said "crap" when asking Katie about her blood pressure

More injuries are being reported from people playing Pokemon Go

Katie gives Jason Goodman and his wife Carol a baby shower gift...Bon Jovi onsie

Phone Tap: AML's friend who plays Pokemon Go gets caught by the neighbors

People are getting hurt playing Pokemon Go

AML writes in and wants to know if it's a good idea to date where she works

Katie reveals her top wedding songs NOT to play

Couple gets into a fight naked after arguing over ex lovers

Employees at a restaurant refused to serve cops

War Call: Husband has a porn problem

Hugs is on the streets of Winston Salem as Caterpie from Pokemon

Sgt Todd from GPD talks to us about police in the community, part 1

Sgt Todd from GPD talks to us about police in the community, part 2

How to be successful on the 1st date

We find out that Jason Goodman's wife really wears the pants in the relationship

Uber driver freaks out on lady...tells her to "get out of my car"

Torture Tuesday: The Pizza Roll Throw...at Hugs

Local Talent: Evin Gibson covers "Let It Go" by James Bay

Sharing your Netflix password could land you in jail...

Jared, Katie, Matt, and Hugs profiled a guy that plays Pokemon

Intern Pocahontas had a misconnection with a guy at Costco

Katie and Husband Ben are having a fight, part 1

Katie and Husband Ben are having a fight, part 2

Things men should NEVER say to a woman

Pokemon Go is the new craze, everyone is playing it!

The Summer Olympics in Rio is turning into a disaster!

Intern Jigglypuff has a pet peeve that her man does

Intern Pocahontas gets on Jared and Katie's Hotseat!

Police Officers gunned down, part 1

Police Officers gunned down, part 2

Police Officers gunned down, part 3

Man Kisser Matt has this bad habit of sneezing after sex...

The show goes to the new 'Breakout Greensboro'...Find out who "Broke Out"

Trying to find Hugs a date...Let's play the Dating Game!

College Confessions: Girl throws up all over the bar

Uber with a Goober: Girl gets concussion from sex

Intern Hugs and Man Kisser Matt go to the Justin Bieber concert

The funky bunch...Hugs, Jason Goodman, and Tripper take a trip to Carowinds

Man does a magic trick and it doesn't go as planned...

Jared's luck isn't too good right now...air goes out, lawn mower breaks, etc...

Couple throws Pizza Bites at each other...and get arrested!

Woman makes a dress out of people's pubic hair

Man blows off his hand with fireworks

Local Talent: "Lost Boy" by Ruth B

Intern Pocahontas went to a topless party

Hugs failed with dating Laura: part 1

Hugs failed with dating Laura: part 2

Hugs gets girls to play "Drunk Girl Trivia" at Brewsfest

Jared and his wife Kelli look for his phone on a very busy road

Things you should hide from your spouse

Coffee shop provides a little "extra" service for it's customers

What is something strange that you eat?

Jason Goodman plays "Spy the Lie"

Intern Ashley gets on Jared and Katie's 'Hot Seat'

Phone Tap: AML calls boyfriend and tells him her BH is on FIRE!

Intern Hugs attends the Hillary Clinton rally in Raleigh

Jared plays "Spy the Lie"

Why Are You In Court - Randolph County

Ben Affleck defends Tom Brady while talking with Bill Simmons

LeBron James swears during parade with kids around

War Call: Cougar's boyfriend has a wife

AML Wendy's date scrubbed her toilet and then bailed, part 1

AML Wendy's date scrubbed her toilet and then bailed, part 2

Man Kisser Matt plays "Spy the Lie"

Star Trek actor killed by his own Jeep

Acne is the new fashion trend

Local Talent: Justin "the beloved" covers Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home"

Hugs plays "Spy the Lie" where we try and guess the truth

Man is caught having sex with a paved road...yes, this road you drive on

Katie is pregnant with baby 2: part 1

Katie is pregnant with baby 2: part 2

Jason Goodman finally met his idol Frankie Valli

Who would you rather see, Frankie Valli or Weird Al?

Blind people now have porn

Matt and Hugs drink in Archdale

Woman uses bear to fight off wolf

What NOT to get dad for Father's Day

Intern Ashley has some major beef with Intern Hugs

Video was released of inside the club in Orlando while shooter was in there

Intern Ashley got a schlarship for being left handed

Intern Pocahontas was bikini shamed at the neighborhood pool

College Confessions: Guy admits to threesome

Official Attorney Lisa Lanier talks about Orlando shooter's wife being charged

What would you do for a friend?

Guy walks into a Waffle House naked

Hugs attended the Trump rally in Greensboro and got some interesting audio

Orlando shooter's wife charged for being an accomplice

Katie farted at the doctors office and then blamed it on baby Nora

Turns out bachelor parties are changing, no strip clubs?

Jason asked everyone on the show except for Katie to go see Frankie Valli

Local Talent: Intern Pocahontas covers "Titanium" by Sia and David Guetta

Torture Tuesday: Hugs takes a shot of cayenne pepper to detox

Former pageant contestant asks Man Kisser Matt and Intern Hugs pageant questions

Former pageant contestant asks Jared, Katie, and Jason Goodman pageant questions