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Jared & Katie's Fresh Audio

Rap Battle: Version 2, Round 1: Intern Ashley vs Intern Carmele

Lady wearing Chewbacca mask goes viral

Jason Goodman breaks up fight between Hugs and late night KZL DJ Chase Myers

Jared, Man Kisser Matt, and Hugs give recap of 'Slide the City'

Fat kid freaks out on roller coaster ride

Kid missing part of brain turns out to be really smart

Intern Adam raps about Jason Goodman

Why are you in court: Guilford County - 5/20/16

The fight is on! Late night KZL DJ Chase Myers and Hugs schedule to wrestle!

Do you believe in ghosts?

Man Kisser Matt calls in "sick" to big company

Where is the strangest place you've fallen alseep?

Man Kisser Matt's wife Hannah sang at their wedding

Official Attorney Lisa Lanier weighs in on guy that wrote "fag" on cake

Guy from Virginia makes bad PSA about his home state

Late night KZL DJ Chase Myers rats out Hugs

War of Roses: AML's boyfriend who's a DJ has side chicks

Our friend Olivia Dunn who is battling stage 4 cancer joins us in studio: Part 1

Our friend Olivia Dunn who is battling stage 4 cancer joins us in studio: Part 2

Hugs graduated from college, gives speech

Bernie Sanders fans call woman and threaten her

BMI (Body Mass Index) scale has changed

Man streams child's birth on facebook

Hugs has a new girl he is dating, we have some dating tips for him

AML calls in, has an issue with Hugs

Local Talent: Gray Robinson covers "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5

Intern Adam beats Man Kisser Matt in Ultimate Rap Battle

Torture Tuesday: Hugs tries dipping for the first time

Katie and Josie have mini van beef

Man's penis transplant was a success

GPS takes woman into lake

Man Kisser Matt dances with his Mom at his wedding to Garth Brook's "Mom"

Man Kisser Matt stopped by TSA on honeymoon

Jason Goodman brings in ultra sound #2...still needs more proof!

Intern Adam beats Hugs in the Intern Rap Battle

On their honeymoon, the room service guy saw Man Kisser Matt's wife Hannah naked

Katie's husband Ben bought a new car without telling Katie

Katie and Ben get a mini van

Phone Tap: Daughter pranks Dad with shattered foot

AML spotted Hugs on a date and told all about it

Craziest pranks pulled in High School

Why are you in court: Forsyth County: Part 2

Are you friends with your ex? If yes, you're a psycho!

You might be a skank if you like men who smoke and drink

War Call: girlfriend caught with the baby daddy...without the baby

The most embarrassing thing happened at a funeral

Jason Goodman brought in a copy of Carol's ultrasound

Family found a rat in their Dr. Pepper

NC city is one of the worst in the country for road rage

Muslim student was given wrong name in yearbook

Local Talent: Darrel Hoots and Knunkles Deep cover "Drink You Away"

We talk to Carol Goodman about emergency ultra sound

Torture Tuesday: Corn on the Drill Challenge

Your friends might not actually like you

Hugs is seeing a new girl...and already met the parents

Jason Goodman doesn't think he's having a girl

Ladies! what's the sexiest body part on a guy?

Guy shot and killed his brother over a cheeseburger

Tribute to all the Moms out there for Mother's Day

Donald Trump Interview, update with the Donald

Hugs searches for Bigfoot

Kid wakes up from surgery and goes gangsta

Katie has a problem with her downstairs area

My husband called me the wrong name in bed

Ways you can be smarter

Hugs comes up with "new" invention

Matt reads his wedding vows

Ladies, how many clothes do you have in your closet?

Kangaroo hits man's car

AML's fiancee wants her dog to be the ring bearer in their wedding

The average cost for a groomsman

Carol wears the pants in the marriage, not Jason Goodman

Kid puts a picture of his penis in yearbook, gets arrested

TORTURE TUESDAY: Hugs gets paddled

LOCAL TALENT: Travis Spinks covers "I Want to be a Billionare" by Bruno Mars

LOCAL TALENT: Travis's friend Devon learned guitar in 2 minutes

Lady catches and records perv in Target, video goes viral

New trend: Me-ternity leave

Jason and Carol Goodman's gender reveal party: Part 1

Jason and Carol Goodman's gender reveal party: Part 2

Jason Goodman got hazed in his fraternity

11 year old shoots intruder when they try and break in home

Teachers have threesome with student

Brand new Jared and Katie's confessions: Jared

Why Jason Goodman is the worst Dad of all time

Why Are You In Court: Forsyth County

Lady calls out all millennials in viral video

PHONE TAP: AML says they failed their class at UNCG

Brand new Jared and Katie's confessions: Katie

Guys go above and beyond to ask girls out to prom

Jason Goodman says "Leave Tom Brady Alone"

WAR OF THE ROSES: Husband finds wife on the dating site, "Black People Meet"

Brand new Jared and Katie's confessions: Jason Goodman

Tell us your Mama Drama

There's a study that tells us how many days we should work a week

Jason Goodman witnessed a robbery near the station

Why we stay in bad relationships

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