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Jared & Katie's Fresh Audio

Brand new Jared and Katie's confessions: Jared

Why Jason Goodman is the worst Dad of all time

Why Are You In Court: Forsyth County

Lady calls out all millennials in viral video

PHONE TAP: AML says they failed their class at UNCG

Brand new Jared and Katie's confessions: Katie

Guys go above and beyond to ask girls out to prom

Jason Goodman says "Leave Tom Brady Alone"

WAR OF THE ROSES: Husband finds wife on the dating site, "Black People Meet"

Brand new Jared and Katie's confessions: Jason Goodman

Tell us your Mama Drama

There's a study that tells us how many days we should work a week

Jason Goodman witnessed a robbery near the station

Why we stay in bad relationships

LOCAL TALENT: The band Mightier Than Me covers Uncle Kracker's "Drift Away"

Things women wear that guys think are sexy

Tom Brady's suspension is upheld, 4 game suspension

Brand NEW Jared and Katie's confessional: Man Kisser Matt

Brand NEW Jared and Katie's confessional: Intern Hugs O'houlihan

Hugs embarrasses the station at the Greensboro Grasshoppers game

Some other kid stole Jared's son Eli's thunder at his soccer game

Husband Ben did not defend Katie's honor at the Lexington BBQ Capital Cookoff

Legendary musical artist Prince passes away: Part 1

Legendary musical artist Prince passes away: Part 2

Why Are You In Court: Randolph County Part 3

Here is a list of people to avoid on facebook

How to be powerful and influential

Want to know if someone dies on vacation?

AML calls in with a strange strip club story

Which would you choose, best meal or best sex?

Katie put cabbage on her boobs

Dad fakes a break-in to teach his sons a lesson

The sexiest and least sexiest male names

Jason Goodman talks about his penis size

Facebook now pays tips

Employee goes off over pizza

Come to find out, Hugs doesn't own the car he sold to Jason Goodman

Local Talent: Mason Via covers "So Sick" by Ne-Yo

Parent films principal paddling student

Worst jobs in America...of all time!

What did you find out about your spouse after you got married?

Man Panel 04-18-16

Katie has a problem with the bathing suits at Target

There is an app that spies on your dates

AML wants to know if he should ask his girlfriend's parents permission to marry

Hugs embarrassed Jared and Man Kisser Matt, Hugs gets new car

Have you ever faked it during sexy time?

Dating deal breakers

PHONE TAP: AML wants to have us prank his friend and make pervy noises

Gross things listeners do around their significant others

Gross things we do around our significant others, Jason shaves his BH

Study says rich people like little boobs

The right way to say you are sorry

We make Hugs say he is sorry

WAR CALL: AML got ghosted, boyfriend never answers

Brothers play zombie joke on sister that just left the dentist

LSD could be making people smarter

AML wants to know if guy's messy house is normal

Money actually can buy happiness

Jared's parents go to a smart phone class

LOCAL TALENT: Meredith Matchen covers mashup of John Legend and Sam Smith

LOCAL TALENT: Joe Daccache covers Jojo

Why are you in Court: Randolph County part 2

Why wouldn't you want to work at 107.5kzl, pt 1

Why wouldn't you want to work at 107.5kzl, pt 2

Epic ways people quit their jobs, pt 1

Epic ways people quit their jobs, pt 2

Man Panel: 04-11-16

Jared's son Eli was bad at Carowinds

Facebook oversharing is down

Signs you are creepy

Dating app based on burritos

PHONE TAP: Girlfriend gave away boyfriend's heirloom ring

Ray Lewis on Black Lives Matter

Katie's daughter Nora saw her naked and had an interesting response

PARODY SONG: Jason is a Jerk

How you use toliet paper says a lot about you

Average cost of a wedding

WAR CALL: Wife finds "secret" receipts in her husband's car

Most annoying person you work with

Who's more dramatic, Men or Women?

Uber driver falls asleep and wakes up to something shocking

Ways to get out of a ticket

How long sex last on average

"Did you know" trivia

LOCAL TALENT: Kris Carroll covers Justin Timberlake's "Drink You Away"

Hugs in the Cracker Barrel bathroom telling people to wash their hands

Top excuses for NOT working out

Why Are You In Court: Randolph County

107.5KZL needs a nap room! Hugs calls GM and asks if we can have one

Jason Goodman is having a gender reveal party

Hugs forgot court audio, which messed up the show

Man Panel 04-04-16

Should I invite my dad to my wedding?

Hugs thinks Woman he's dating Ghosted him

Woman that Hugs is dating calls in, gives her side of what happened

Definition of a successful woman

PHONE TAP: We tell a bride that the bridemaids dresses are a no go

North Carolina just passed the "bathroom bill", thoughts about the new bill?

Which show member is the biggest jerk?

Would you make your BF/GF cover up or remove a tattoo of their ex's name?

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