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Jared & Katie's Fresh Audio

The show talks about body parts they would change on each other

Men have sex with cars

Hugs shares tramatic story that goes back to 1st grade

Hugs shares about being bullied in school

Local Talent Tuesday: Annaelise/Hugs Entertainment

Jared's son Eli prays in church for the first time

Listeners call in with funny church stories

Hugs goes to Tokyo and crys in a hotel

Do beards have poop in them?

What country has the hottest people?

Torture Tuesday: Wheel of Pain

Local Talent Tuesday: The Furches Twins

Pizza delivery guy gets stabbed

Man steals a plane!?!

AML sends us a letter, says she found nudes of fiance's ex

Jobs that drive you to drink

Katie gets hit in the face by blinds, Husband Ben cuts his thumb

Councilman uses the bathroom...one problem, his mic was on

Man punched bear in the face

How to be happy...Hugs gets dumped

The dad body is poplar among women

Women's mood can be determined by the way they dress...Heels vs Flats?

Callers vote on whether heels or flats are more attractive

Type of women men want to marry

Here is a list of things to make Hugs happy after his latest breakup

Man puts ankle bracelet on cat

Miley and Liam are back together!?!...Plus, Jared shares the good word!

Stain resistant shirt...can this be true?

Uber with a Goober 4/30/15

Men can tell how hot women are by their voice

Girl slaps boyfriend over chicken

Jason's wife Carol gets a party bus for her birthday

AML Randi, Transgender talk in studio part 1

AML Randi, Transgender talk in studio part 2

Man Panel 4/27/15

Should Katie groom "down under" before giving birth to baby Tesh?

Bruce Jenner Interview part 1

Bruce Jenner Interview part 2

Part Time jobs that pay well

Hugs talks at Walk the Moon courtyard concert

Disney mash ups

The most popular Emoji's

Who's worse for customer service...Time Warner or Duke Power?

Woman is afraid to go outside, then when she does, she falls in a manhole

Man Kisser Matt gets ordained and marries couple

Jared and Biggie's BIG gay cruise

Man Panel 4/20/15

Hugs gets dumped by his girlfriend...cried a lot

Hugs has things he wants to fix...the other show members try to help

Is it OK to compliment other women when married?

Intern Rap Battle: Man Kisser Matt vs McHottie

Taking food from the work fridge

Uber with a Goober 4/8/15

Intern Rap Battle: Hugs vs McHottie

Places to go on a first date

Parody Song: Dump in a Box

Intern Rap Battle: McHottie vs Cheese

How to lose a guy at a bar

Lori Watson talking preg sex

Lori Watson preg sex part 2

McHottie on Cheese interest.

Shaggy at KZL, Josie story

Hugs has dirt, Cheese and Gary Hangout

New study: Ideal body image men around the world perfer

Katie has issues with her body image...and she feels the baby kick

Jobs Women make more money than Men

Hugs rides Fury 325

Hollywood News 3/26/15

Horrible Mom makes kid get ear pierced

Snap pool: Favorite meal or Sex?

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson goes on crazy rant

Torture Tuesday: Save Your Liver!

Uber with a Goober 3/24/15

Australian man goes to UNCG instead of UNC

Things that baffle men about women

Katie signs for her new house...with the wrong name!

Man panel 3/23/15

Katie plays "flicking nipples"

Ava's first soccer game

Sex therapist Lori Watson talks about couples fighting over sex

Sex therapist Lori Watson answers your questions

Things mess up when you are live on-air

Intern Gary Hot Seat

Cities with worst crime in NC

Do Men or Women have dry spells?

Things that are now sexist

Intern Gary goes on Spring Break

Intern Cheese's Ex bf calls in

Best fast food atmosphere, food, service

Katie pees pants at park

Serial pooper on the loose

Matt hurts ankle skating

Basketball Team defends bullied cheerleader

States and their STD stats

Frat house update, Blames rap for racism

Guy writes cheater on house

Things men will never get about women

Celeb dirt from maids, Jason's maid calls

Flowers on a 1st date...Yes or No?

Katie's dog Maizie doesn't respect her!

Man Kisser Matt is a trend setter...listen to find out how!

Intern Hugs vs. Intern Cheese in NFL Combine Challenge

Food fight with a gun and axe...WHAATTT!?!

Man Panel...Be #1 for my man

Leonard Nimoy writes a song about Jason

Jason gives his phone number out on live radio; his wife Carol quickly calls in!

Here's audio if Jason Goodman was a doctor

Man panel post Magic Concert

'Kick My Dog' prank phone call

Style -Taylor Swift parody - Preggo Style

Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars f. Mark Ronson - Hugs' Funk

Katie's BIG announcement!!! (pt.1)

Katie's BIG announcement!!! (pt.2)

Man panel Monday: Hugs calls Jason's wife a slut!?!

Ever come across a word you can't pronounce?

Jared & Katie "aircheck" Hugs O'houlihan part 2

Jared & Katie "aircheck" Hugs O'Houlihan

Lori Watson Questions Fall in love (Pt. 1)

Lori Watson Questions Fall in love (pt. 2)

Rap Battle: Hugs Vs Mankisser Matt

Rap Battle: Intern Hugs vs. Intern Cheese

Find out why it's better to use more emojis when texting

Are you a Facebook Creeper?

"Inflate Gate" Football Challenge

Randy Quaid has lost it!

Cub Scouts go to nude beach

Katie finds an article from Jared's college radio show

Girls cut their boobs off for Bieber

Super Bowl Bet Pay Up

Jason's painful prostate exam

Wanna get paid to go POOP?

Man hears dead wife's voicemail years after her death

Hugs goes on online date

Ever been Harassed?

The sexiest city to live in the USA

Man has sex with Pony

Bieber on the Ellen show, is he a nice guy?

Check out this app that tells you if your friends are good!

Super Bowl bet is made!

Tom Brady is a bitch, Jared and Jason think of ideas for Super Bowl bet

Bet to play Fugees song, drop song

Jared judges, The group Magic comes to CDEC

The Bad Breath Challenge: Hugs smells everyones breath and gets slaped!

Would you lie for a friend that was cheating?

Can your underwear be causing you health issues?

4 year old calls 911 for Mom

AML's wife smoked for 5 years and he had NO IDEA!?!

Jason gets finger up the ol' butt hole

Hugs goes to the strip club after the Bartenders Ball

Is plastic surgery and fake boobs the sign of the times?

Tyler doesn't want to be a step dad

What's the worst date you've EVER been on?

Hook up like High School students works

No diversity in the Oscars this year?

Cops called on parents let kids walk home

Should Pot be legal?

Step Mom cheats on FB

Top men in a woman's fantasy

How often do you shower?

The morning of Breaking and Entering: Part 1

The morning of Breaking and Entering: Part 2

Things couples fight about over the Holidays

Asian man cheats on wife with her twin

Matt farts in Disney

Who do you tip during Holidays?

Couple gets locked in a car!

Hugs is on the street looking for a date

Bad gift ideas for Women: Part 1

Bad gift ideas for Women: Part 2

Barbara Walters interviews different celebrities

Roommates see each other naked for the first time

2014 Breaking and Entering Christmas letter

Part 1: Laurie Watson giving tips for "12 Sexy Days of Christmas"

Part 2: Laurie Watson giving tips for "12 Sexy Days of Christmas"

Hugs shares why one girl ruined his life

Elf on the Shelf song plus Mench on a Bench

Moms do a Taylor Swift parody video

Urban Dictionary Word: "Armpit dingle berries"

Katie calls 911 on a guy that ran into the street at 4:00am

Guy gets stuck in the elevator with a crazy guy!

Find out why Men are afraid of marriage

Katie's wedding recap

Katie's honeymoon

Katie has really bad customer service at Target

Matt left his card at Cone Denim Entertainment Center

Different types of marriage

Buy a gift for your enemy

What Jason liked about Katie's wedding

Disorder you probably have but don't know you do

Women want something Jared and Matt have that Jason can never have

Mom thinks bf is cheating on one daughter with the other

Pictures of Pazuzu's house released

How to live longer

Chores men mess up on purpose

Woman inserted a potato into her lady parts

When was the last time you cried?

Man kisser Matt tells his girl he doesn't care

Why dating apps don't work

Poop on a Lambo prank goes wrong

Is it wrong to fantasize about dead people?

Did Jamie Foxx steal his newest song?

How much $ are you spending on alcohol?

Worst #1 songs

Wife won't delete snapchat and put lock on phone

Man books sexy photoshoot for wife

Life alert not just for seniors

Katie is disgusting

Would you eat a burger that tastes like human flesh?

Jason gets hate mail

How often are women in a bad mood?

A Tribute to Robin Williams

Temptation of sex with an ex

Drunk guy gets hosed

How much is your penis worth?

Would you cut off your hand for $1 Billion dollars?

Cousins marrying cousins

I'm so...I remember when...

Jared's awkward lunch date with Biggie and Eli

Rules for a bachelor party and Jason breaks bro code

Fight for the Invite Challenge #2: The Playlist/Best DJ

Katie cries over dog's last day on earth

Fight for the Invite Challenge #1: The Wedding Speech

Girl sends naked pic to her Dad

Intern Matt gets his Butthole waxed!

No sex on wedding night!

Would you rather give up dairy or birthday sex?...forever!

Jared, Katie, and Jason rate each others looks

Jared and Katie review Jason's dating site profile

Guy who cuts off his own junk calls 911

Football player who has memory loss sings

Find out who sings with a higher pitch, Katie or Jason?

Should you send an wedding invitation to a fired co-worker?

Josie survived the plane crash

Katie lusts after USA soccer player

What not to say to people who don't drink

Sex Therapist Lori Watson shares ways to seduce your man

Katie and Fiance Ben get a massage

Katie awkwardly sees AML at Victoria's Secret

Love Lost Found moved, no TEXT, no SEX!

Katie gets a bikini wax (and the BH??)

Man sells cheating wife's dress

Doctor is caught sexting in OR

Sex Therapist Lori Watson-How to Seduce Your Man

Top 5 'SCHLOCK' songs

Intern rap battle - Summer 2014

Is a stripper ok for a 16 year old birthday party?

Intern Matt has stripper at 21st birthday party

Gross guys at gym get wood

Ben almost burns Katie's house down

Katie wears a bikini and Jared has bodyshame

Listener hates Jared

Girl chooses boyfriend over scholarship

Guy at bar hits on Katie and friends

Guy calls 911 for a date

Katie has a sexual dream about Jason

Katie gets golf tickets from Craig List

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