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Jared & Katie's Fresh Audio

War of the Roses - "John" cheating on pregnant wife

Things that make you look unprofessional

Jimmy Kimmel talks about dentist who killed famous lion

The most likely way to die in other countries

Man takes selfie with a rattle snake...this does not end well

Torture Tuesday: Hugs and the Honey Bees

Annoying things Women do while dating: Part 1

Annoying things Women do while dating: Part 2

Local Talent Tuesday: Jennifer Lester

Pooping in the bathroom will never be the same

Shia Lebeouf says he'll kill girlfriend

Ed Sheeran crapped his pants

Hulk Hogan goes on racist rant

Man Panel 6/27/15

Girl with tumor gets call from Elsa from Frozen

Katie has varicose veins in vulva...TMI

Who's your father Friday: Tina confronts Shane

Baby Bump Olympics: Price is Right

Intern Emily needs MAJOR help with her dating profile

Hug's does drunk trivia at Brewsfest

Trump gives out rival canidates phone number, Jared gives out Hug's number

Gay baker tells off other gays: Part 1

Gay baker tells off other gays: Part 2

Interview with Maci teen Mom

Woman keeps cash in vagina

Jared gets caught picking nose

The website Ashley Madison gets hacked

Jared gets hair surgery

Local Talent Tuesday: Kynlee Casper

Hugs gets an AML love letter

David Koechner, Champ Kind from Anchorman 1 and 2 interview

Intern Jacob's last day, he shares what he has learned during his internship

Baby Bump Challenge: Baby Food Tasting

Mommy confession board

Intern Emily survived cancer

The Triad is on the good drivers list

Now there is Jewelry for your cat's butt...SAY WHAT?

We say sorry to Josie for Katie's baby shower mishap

Katie tells secrets that she would take to the grave

Jared, Jason, and Man Kisser Matt tell secrets they would take to the grave

AML's call in and tell secrets they would take to the grave

Hug's is in a movie

Parody Song: El Chapo escaped from prison, why not sing a song about it!?!

Parody Song: Here's Maroon 5 singing about Pluto with Sugar

Parody Song: Donald Trump trying to get some votes

Torture Tuesday: Jelly Bean Challenge

Trump has twitter feud with drug lord El Chapo

Local Talent Tuesday: Sierra Dennis

Worst food to eat at breakfast

Traits all women should have

Do men have to ask permission to do things?

Hugs asks out Intern Emily...gets rejected

Here's a recap on Katie's baby shower

Man caught in hog pen doing the unthinkable!

Diaper Changing Challenge

Would you rather have a naked picture or your finances on the internet?

Uber with a Goober 7/10/15

Hugs fixes "Why are you in Court" segment

Hugs screws up "Why are you in Court" segment

Things millionaires have in common

Complaints men have in marriage

Women's World Cup equal pay

Criminal Facebook cops

Mom plays birthday joke on son

Tyga penis pic, Jason and Jared fight

Torture Tuesday: Hotdog eating contest

Texas man eaten by gator

Do you have a name for your penis?

Local Talent Tuesday: Forrest Taylor

Russel Wilson is waiting for sex!

Fireworks gone wrong from 4th of July

New app records 24/7

Perks of some jobs: Part 1

Perks of some jobs: Part 2

Listen and find out what happens when you combine stupid with fireworks

What couples fight about in the car

Jason sides with the convicts in New York saying they shouldn't have been shot

Hugs shoots off some...well, A LOT of fireworks...and they are out of control!

Black lady stays out of the water

Women are more realistic than men

Video game helps weight loss, plus Intern Jacob gets drunk

Katie despises ice chewing

Do you have a name for your boobs? If so, what is it?

Katie meets chef celebrity crush, blacks out

Do you have a celebrity crush?

Hugs wanted to bring a snake in studio for Torture Tuesday, gets shut down

Man Kisser Matt gets engaged

Repo man gets shot, shooter puts the gun in her vagina

Sex therapist Lori Watson talks about how body image can hurt your sex life

Wife says she'll kill herself if her husband doesn't buy her a purse

Deal breakers for dating

Jason Goodman has never slow danced...NOT ONCE!

Find out how an average day is spent

Here are some new dictionary words, plus Hugs shares his celebrity story

New condoms change color when an STD is present

Have you ever met a celebrity and embarrassed yourself?

Katie is meeting her crush chef celebrity

Woman lost baby on the way to the hospital

Man records doctor talking trash during surgery

Watch out...escaped convicts on the loose

Here are some prison guards giving their take on the escaped convicts

Couple gets arrested for eating pizza...NAKED!

Here's a list of the worst places to vacation

Torture Tuesday: Hugs gets his back waxed by Intern Emily

Confederate flag in South Carolina, Yes or No?

Katie gets gross baby advice

Should AML tell their spouse they want a divorce before they go on vacation

We take your calls on divorce

Local Talent Tuesday: Her Echo

Jason's neighbor builds fort, brings in HOA

Jared speaks at church

Listen to the Brian Williams interview

Anthony Anderson on Celebrity Family Feud

Man Panel 6/22/15

Chocolate is good for you, hoppy beer gives you moobs

Charleston Shooting: Part 1

Charleston Shooting: Part 2

Fashion mistakes we all make

Splitting in half in divorce, literally

Stand-up, Kids Books, and Greeting Cards

Documentary: Hot Girls Wanted (New Release)

Don't tell a woman to calm down

Man has sex with wife's dog

Shark attack victim from Greensboro joins us in studio

Shark expert speaks on shark habits

Hugs reports live from the beach on the recent shark attacks: Part 1

Hugs reports live from the beach on the recent shark attacks: Part 2

911 calls released during Oak Island shark attack

NAACP white leader quits

Local Talent Tuesday: Cassie Mckee

Shark attacks off of North Carolina coast

Sex therapist Lori Watson talks about Female Viagra: Part 1

Sex therapist Lori Watson talks about Female Viagra: Part 2

Uber with a Goober 6/12/15

Jason has issues with Time Warner Cable

Man breaks penis watching porn on bike

Mom jeans are back in style

Parody Song: Graduation Song to See You Again

Parody Song: Tinder Song to Sugar

Listener calls in and hates on Man Kisser Matt

Katie diabetes issue with doctor

Holly Madison gives the scoop on Playboy life

How to tell if a guy likes you by how he text

Hugs is getting harassed by his crazy ex

Official attorney Lisa Lanier gives Hugs advice on getting a 50B for crazy ex

Intern Jacob ran into ex girlfriend...awkward!

AML's ex blocked him on Facebook and sent him a breakup text

Kid has a complete meltdown after he steps in dog poop

Jason lost in Songpop...while on the toliet!?!

Hugs does an advertisement for Willy's Mattress and Sandy's Seafood Shack

Torture Tuesday: Nasty foods that naturally whiten your teeth

Local Talent Tuesday: Matt Irie and Frank Synder

Bus driver becomes hero when he spots kidnapped child

Hugs calls the GM...on his personal cell phone: Part 1

Hugs calls the GM...on his personal cell phone: Part 2

Actor who was the voice for Charlie Brown FLIPS OUT in court!

Man Panel 6/8/15

Parody Song: Church of Marijuana

Uber with a Goober 6/5/15

You can pay to be cuddled: Part 1

You can pay to be cuddled: Part 2

Intern Rap Battle: Hugs vs. Man Kisser Matt

Intern Rap Battle: Emily vs Hugs

Intern Rap Battle: Emily vs Jacob

Kids stick up for special needs kid

Guy gets shut down for prom after asking girl in front of entire school

New social trend, trying to hold a coke in your boobs

Songs Katie will give birth to

Torture Tuesday: Do or DoughNot

Lion kills woman on Safari

Chinese man puts glass up his butt!?!

It's not your fault you're fat

Intern Spelling Bee 2015

Intern Emily's guy wants to ONLY snap chat

Granny Panties are coming back!

Danny claims he is NOT the father of Tabby's baby

Paternity test says that Danny is NOT the father...but Tabby disagrees!?!

Robbie and Tabby agree to take paternity test

The results are in...find out if Robbie is the father of Tabby's baby

Local Talent Tuesday: Kara Dunn

Official attorney Lisa Lanier weighs on salad tossing suspect

STD rates are up...THANKS TINDER!

Intern Jacob on the hot seat

Find out what happens when AML's bachelor party goes too far

Find out what happens to Tina when a guy blows her off, Part 1

Find out what happens to Tina when a guy blows her off, Part 2

Meet the world's worst gynecologist

The guys rate listeners looks based on their voice

Listeners rate the guys on their looks based on voice

Facebook rating comments part 1

Facebook rating comments part 2

Airplane dropped POOP on a sweet 16 birthday party...eewww!

Hugs tries to summon a mexican demon named Charlie

Drink beer that's cool

Pizza delivery guy gets stabbed with sword while delivering pizza

Jason has issues with his neighbors

Have you ever had a bad neighbor?

Letting dogs lick your face

The best time to talk to your man

Couple sees themselves age

Nico and Vinz visit the station...Hugs takes multiple photos with them

Sex therapist Lori Watson talks about sex with Josie: Part 1

Sex therapist Lori Watson talks about sex with Josie: Part 2

Starbucks manager flips out on customer...OVER A STRAW!

The show talks about body parts they would change on each other

Men have sex with cars

Hugs shares tramatic story that goes back to 1st grade

Hugs shares about being bullied in school

Local Talent Tuesday: Annaelise/Hugs Entertainment

Jared's son Eli prays in church for the first time

Listeners call in with funny church stories

Hugs goes to Tokyo and cries in a hotel

Do beards have poop in them?

What country has the hottest people?

Torture Tuesday: Wheel of Pain

Local Talent Tuesday: The Furches Twins

Pizza delivery guy gets stabbed

AML sends us a letter, says she found nudes of fiance's ex

Jobs that drive you to drink

Katie gets hit in the face by blinds, Husband Ben cuts his thumb

Councilman uses the bathroom...one problem, his mic was on

Man punched bear in the face

How to be happy...Hugs gets dumped

The dad body is poplar among women

Type of women men want to marry

Here is a list of things to make Hugs happy after his latest breakup

Man puts ankle bracelet on cat

Miley and Liam are back together!?!...Plus, Jared shares the good word!

Stain resistant shirt...can this be true?

Men can tell how hot women are by their voice

Jason's wife Carol gets a party bus for her birthday

AML Randi, Transgender talk in studio part 1

AML Randi, Transgender talk in studio part 2

Should Katie groom "down under" before giving birth to baby Tesh?

Bruce Jenner Interview part 1

Bruce Jenner Interview part 2

Part Time jobs that pay well

Hugs talks at Walk the Moon courtyard concert

Disney mash ups

The most popular Emoji's

Woman is afraid to go outside, then when she does, she falls in a manhole

Man Kisser Matt gets ordained and marries couple

Jared and Biggie's BIG gay cruise

Hugs gets dumped by his girlfriend...cried a lot

Hugs has things he wants to fix...the other show members try to help

Is it OK to compliment other women when married?

Taking food from the work fridge

Places to go on a first date

Parody Song: Dump in a Box

How to lose a guy at a bar

Shaggy at KZL, Josie story

Hugs has dirt, Cheese and Gary Hangout

New study: Ideal body image men around the world perfer

Katie has issues with her body image...and she feels the baby kick

Jobs Women make more money than Men

Hugs rides Fury 325

Horrible Mom makes kid get ear pierced

Torture Tuesday: Save Your Liver!

Australian man goes to UNCG instead of UNC

Things that baffle men about women

Katie signs for her new house...with the wrong name!

Katie plays "flicking nipples"

Things mess up when you are live on-air

Do Men or Women have dry spells?

Things that are now sexist

Best fast food atmosphere, food, service

Katie pees pants at park

Serial pooper on the loose

Matt hurts ankle skating

States and their STD stats

Frat house update, Blames rap for racism

Guy writes cheater on house

Things men will never get about women

Celeb dirt from maids, Jason's maid calls

Flowers on a 1st date...Yes or No?

Katie's dog Maizie doesn't respect her!

Man Kisser Matt is a trend setter...listen to find out how!

Food fight with a gun and axe...WHAATTT!?!

Leonard Nimoy writes a song about Jason

Jason gives his phone number out on live radio; his wife Carol quickly calls in!

Style -Taylor Swift parody - Preggo Style

Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars f. Mark Ronson - Hugs' Funk

Katie's BIG announcement!!! (pt.1)

Katie's BIG announcement!!! (pt.2)

Man panel Monday: Hugs calls Jason's wife a slut!?!

Ever come across a word you can't pronounce?

Jared & Katie "aircheck" Hugs O'houlihan part 2

Jared & Katie "aircheck" Hugs O'Houlihan

Rap Battle: Hugs Vs Mankisser Matt

Rap Battle: Intern Hugs vs. Intern Cheese

Find out why it's better to use more emojis when texting

Are you a Facebook Creeper?

Jason's painful prostate exam

Wanna get paid to go POOP?

Man hears dead wife's voicemail years after her death

Hugs goes on online date

The sexiest city to live in the USA

Man has sex with Pony

Check out this app that tells you if your friends are good!

The Bad Breath Challenge: Hugs smells everyones breath and gets slaped!

Would you lie for a friend that was cheating?

Can your underwear be causing you health issues?

AML's wife smoked for 5 years and he had NO IDEA!?!

Jason gets finger up the ol' butt hole

Is plastic surgery and fake boobs the sign of the times?

Tyler doesn't want to be a step dad

What's the worst date you've EVER been on?

Hook up like High School students works

Cops called on parents let kids walk home

Should Pot be legal?

Step Mom cheats on FB

Top men in a woman's fantasy

How often do you shower?

Hugs is on the street looking for a date

Hugs shares why one girl ruined his life

Elf on the Shelf song plus Mench on a Bench

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