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Producer Whitney

Whitney Thore, AKA "Producer Whitney," joined the morning show on 107.5 KZL in the fall of 2011 - a tiny blip on the accomplishment radar of her life, which was previously filled with only sorrow and disappointment. Having been born and raised in Greensboro, she acquired many nicknames growing up, including "Baby Beluga" (Hey, she's got a whale of a tail!) and "Whitney Thore: Goddess of Thunder Thighs." Somehow, she was crowned "Prom Princess" at the tender age of 18, although those who encounter her in her present state remain incredulous at worst and dubious at best.
Though the 5 years she spent at Appalachian State were turbulent and often fraught with tears and frustration, she emerged triumphant with the most useful Bachelor's known to man: a Theatre degree. From there, Producer Whitney traveled to the Land of the Morning Calm (also known as Korea...no, not NORTH Korea...) where she taught English, advised students on which curse words to say when, and became a connoisseur of kimchi and octopus.Four years and one failed engagement later, she headed back to the States with her new lover -a cat named Henchi- in tow.
After almost a year of depression, loneliness, and a dead-end retail job, Jared Pike asked her to come "try out" a job at Dick Broadcasting and somehow, she's thus far avoided termination (though certainly only by a hair). Producer Whitney is a crazy cat lady who still pines over her '80s crush Sylvester Stallone and enjoys rapping in her free time. She dances always, whether it be appropriate or not, and it's not uncommon to see a split evolve into a misplaced knee cap. Producer Whitney's turn-ons include olive skin, a killer sense of humor, and good grammar. As somewhat of an exhibitionist, she is often chastised for showing too much cleavage and laughing too loudly. She has the best family and friends ever in life and is forever grateful and happy to be part of the morning show on 107.5 KZL.

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Location : Greensboro
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