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Meet the Show

Jared Pike


Was born to a Croatian couple in the wetlands of Sub-Sahara Africa to much fanfare as he is the only known human to be born with T-Rex arms.  Scientists are baffled to this day by this half boy half pre-historic dinosaur but at the same time amused when they watch him trying to catch a football. Read More...



Katie O'Brien

Baby Katherine was born on the 4th of September in the mega-metropolis known as Washington DC but grew up among the Amish community in Pennsylvania until her 15th year of life (No, she's not actually Amish but did grow up in a farmhouse and knows how to milk a cow and raise a barn in a day)  Katie is the eldest of 3 girls and ne'er have siblings been born such polar opposites.Read More...


Jason Goodman

Jason Goodman joined 107.5 KZL in 2005.  He thinks women are like ovens and he likes cherry popsicles the most.  At 4'1 he holds the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's shortest DJ.  Jason Goodman is married with two kids and enjoys sharing clothes with his son Landon who was born in 2007.  If you have something nasty to say about Jon Bon Jovi keep it to yourself or he might whip out a small ladder, climb it and slap you in the face.


Man-Kisser Matt

Tar Heel born and bred in L.A. (Lower Archdale), Matt grew up as any only child could: spoiled and with imaginary friends.  Often asking his mother for a little brother or sister, he got his wish years later at the age of 14 (better late than never I guess). Read More...



When she's not telling long winded stories about her 3 year old daughter, Mara or her husband, Matt, Josie fills your radio speakers with the best "at work play list" you could ask for!  Originally from Maryland, Josie's been in the Triad since 1999 when High Point University lured her down to NC with promises of warmer weather and being "an hour from the beach and an hour from the mountains."  Josie was hired after a brief internship in 2002 and loves being able to talk and listen to music for a living.  Her favorite radio moment is eating Mexican food with Katy Perry and having Flo Rida rub her very pregnant belly.  In her free time, you can find Josie running (extremely slow) in races around the Triad and enjoying local restaurants.  Josie lives in Kernersville with Mara, Matt, 2 dogs and a very fat cat.