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Jared & Katie's War of the Roses

Is AML's boyfriend cheating on him at the Q Club?

AML thinks his wife is hooking up with her friend

Becky's husband has work hours that are erratic, find out if he's cheating

Is Lauren's fiancee cheating?

Is David's wife of three years cheating on him or does she just need her space?

AML says her boyfriend has a second Twitter account, find out if he's cheating

Who's cheating here, the groom or his twin brother?

Is Tracy cheating at the gym?

Is Brook's man cheating on Facebook?

Is Mandy's boyfriend cheating while he's away at college?

Is Julie being a slut? Find out!

Follow up: Listen to see if "John" will change his ways!

"John" cheating on pregnant wife

Find out who the Husband chooses, his Wife or their threesome partner

Wife kisses the guy she's in a play with, is something more going on?

Find out if this boyfriend is cheating by "just looking" on Tinder

My husband gave me STD's!

Mans wife works at Hooters...is she cheating?

Office romance of friends husband

The results are in...find out if Robbie is the father of Tabby's child

Robbie and Tabby agree to take paternity test

Paternity test says that Danny is NOT the father...but Tabby disagrees!?!

Danny claims he is NOT the father of Tabby's baby

Guy gets a second job...is something else going on?

Wife says husband is a DICK!

Husband says wife is out late all the time!

High School Boyfriend Cheating FSU

Husband stays late at work with the intern

Snap Chat girl is a slut

Spring Break with UNCG

Husbands wife has a thing for the waitress...leaves her BIG TIP!

Wife "helps" "elderly" man with his laundry

Swingers Get Jealous

Find out what happens when man dates girl half his age

Step Mom cheats on FB

KZL on Facebook