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Jared & Katie's Phone Tap

Jared calls a doctors office needing help with memory loss

AML wants to have us prank his friend and make pervy noises

Girlfriend gave away boyfriend's heirloom ring

Son pranks his dad saying that dad "donated" money to Donald Trump

AML pranks Jamacian roommate about weed

Hugs gets pranked when HR tells him he racked up bill at hotel

HOA tells AML to put up blinds

Man Kisser Matt tells his fiance he spent wedding money on the Super Bowl!

Hugs pranks a lingerie store and tells employee to send pictures

AML wants us to prank his friend and tell him he failed a drug test

Jared pranks an insurance company saying he needs insurance...NOW!

Hugs pranks the radio station's general manager

Jason Goodman calls his wife Carol to tell her someone broke into the house

Hugs finds out why his date won't call him back

Matt's Buddy wants us to phone tap his Mom about catering for her wedding

Update: Daughter who pranked Dad about getting fake boobs says she's sorry

Daughter pranks Dad and tells him she's getting fake boobs

Wife buys a BRAND NEW Lexus...listen as her husband FREAKS OUT!!!