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Jared & Katie's Phone Tap

Wife buys a BRAND NEW Lexus...listen as her husband FREAKS OUT!!!

Jason Goodman pretends to be ALE

Intern Emily pranks Hugs, says she'll go on a date with him

Arron pranks bestfriend who is FREAKING out about bugs in her apartment

Jeremy pranks his Dad and tells him he is gay and that he is getting married

Son is home from school and needs help pooping from his mom

Hugs prank calls his best friend and tells her he can't come to her wedding

Rachel wants to leave her job to go to the competitor...listen to her boss flip!

Freshman moves in with boyfriend

Phone Tap, getting a new house.

Turbo Tax error goes wrong

Intern Hug's Apartment

Dating my sister's Ex

Hugs wants a rub from massage therapist

Buddy out of toilet paper

Uncle Carl calls McDonalds

Robbie Jr put bro in box

Mom thinks bf is cheating on one daughter with the other

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