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Katie O'Brien

Katie O'Brien

Baby Katherine was born on the 4th of September in the mega-metropolis known as Washington DC but grew up among the Amish community in Pennsylvania until her 15th year of life (No, she's not actually Amish but did grow up in a farmhouse and knows how to milk a cow and raise a barn in a day) 

Katie is the eldest of 3 girls and ne'er have siblings been born such polar opposites. Katie's sisters set and accomplished life goals, secured important, high paying careers with corner offices. Her sisters grew tall and big breasted and after fending off countless suitors throughout their youth, both sisters married and will soon expand their families. How proud Katie's parents must be of such success. Two outta three ain't bad!

After an awkward teenage-transition into 4 years of high school in North Carolina, Katie consistently found herself on academic probation at Appalachian State University but graduated in a quick 5 years. It was in Boone that Katie found her true passions in life: booze, non-medical marijuana, bluegrass music (to which she dances barefoot) and bearded men. The hippie lifestyle felt like home, a nod to her near-Amish upbringing.

During her final year of college (her senior-senior year as Katie likes to call it) she realized she'd needed to pick a career and she needed to pick it quick. If Katie graduated without some sort of job plan in place, she knew her parents would suffer even more disappointment and Katie just couldn't live with herself if that happened. (To be honest, she knew she wouldn't live at all because her parents would KILL her....the amount of money they spent of tuition and NOTHING to show?? death was near.)

Katie found an unpaid internship at Kiss 95.1/K1047 in Charlotte, after a summer of concerts, free tshirts and a restraining order (she got too close to Jessica Simpson once, so what?) Katie knew radio was for her but also knew that living with her parents after college made her look like a loser....and let's face it, could Katie's fragile state of being really handle any more loser qualities?

Off to Winston Salem/Greensboro she went! Katie was hired by 107.5KZL in 2005 and has been embarrassing herself on air, daily ever since. A majority of her post high school life has been spent in a drunken, debaucherous haze - most of it single and lonely but STD free! Somehow, she manages to raise and care for a 3 year old Chocolate Lab named Maizie, her pride and joy. Yes, Maizie pees on the carpet and eats from the trash but she's cute and loveable so all is forgiven.

Katie's life was forever changed thanks to a green jacket. (All that time and effort working on her personality, memorizing jokes and money spent on bribing guys to date her and it's a green jacket that does it??)  Her boyfriend Ben pretended to like her jacket just to talk to her. Ben walked in to her life -fairytale style and Katie thanks God for him EVERY DAY. One Christmas Eve 2013, Ben asked Katie to become his wife!! They'll marry in October of 2014!

Katie prides herself on having champagne taste on a beer budget (yeah, PBR to be exact. Real cheap) She lives for all things Anthropologie, is a total foodie and dreams of throwing adult dinner parties, complete with fine wine and artisan cheeses. Did she mention she loves wine?? Yeah, lots and lots of wine.


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