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Jared Burton Pike XXVI

Was born to a Croatian couple in the wetlands of Sub-Saharan Africa to much fanfare, as he is the only known human to be born with T-Rex arms.Scientists are baffled to this day by this half-boy, half-pre-historic dinosaur, but at the same time amused when they watch him trying to catch a football.

Jared attended Western Guilford High School in Greensboro at least 4 days a week and graduated with a GPA that matched his looks - average. Jared was voted most likely to lose his hair prematurely, gain 60 lbs, and be guilty of wearing ill-fitting t-shirts (the school has since dropped that category as a superlative).

Jared served a two-year mission for his church in South Africa where he still holds the record for flattening the most tires on his bicycle.

After his mission, Jared enrolled into Brigham Young University - Idaho (laugh, if you must) and 3 weeks later, he un-enrolled (not a word). Then, 4 months after that, he enrolled and attended Harvard....on the highway GTCC, where he excelled. One year later he transferred to the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill in Greensboro as a member of the football team. He started all 4 years as Quarterback, but unfortunately the records were burned in a brush fire along with team photos and other evidence of such a feat including but not limited to the fact that UNC-Ch-G doesn't exist and UNCG doesn't have a football team.

For some reason, Jared thought he would be good at something and through a lot of luck became an intern on the morning show in 2005 on 107.5 KZL. The suits at Dick Broadcasting were so impressed with his weekly Sports Talk Show at UNCG and his ability to almost form sentences as an intern that they hired him as an OFF-AIR producer full-time in 2006. All these years later they can't seem to break it to him that in reality he is still an intern and it is not "normal" to get paid with Compact Discs and key chains.

Jared has two beautiful and hilarious kids -  Ava (Sept 2008) and Eli (Sept 2011)!

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